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About Us

At only 5ft Soleil Ramirez is tiny but mighty in the kitchen. The Venezuelan Chef and owner of Arepa Bar left Caracas, Venezuela and moved to Minnesota in 2016 to continue pursuing her culinary dreams.

After graduating with a business degree en 2009, she decided she would completely dive into what her passion really is: food. Since then, she has acquired multiple degrees and lots of experience in the service industry from places like Venezuela, Colombia and US. Her latest role was as Chef de Cuisine at a prominent restaurant in Saint Paul, MN. There, she oversaw a staff of over 50 people as the only Latin woman in the cities to hold that position in over 10 years.

Arepa Bar is Soleil's next and greatest adventure. Here, we want the world to know the amazing food Venezuela has to offer. We want you to experience a 100% scratch kitchen with fresh, authentic and true flavors from Venezuela. Most of all, we want you to feel at home and enjoy every second of this experience with us.

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